CLH Logistics, LLC
Your Operations and Supply Chain Improvement Partner

Our Consortium

CLH Logistics is an Ohio based consulting firm dedicated to improving our clients’ supply chain processes. 

The key to our success is a highly structured methodology that enables our customers to maximize the benefits of their SCM process in order to accelerate a return on investment.  Our consultants work with key leaders to assess their business processes, define their performance objectives and develop a detailed strategy to improve manufacturing and supply chain operations.  

We partner with a variety of supply chain consulting and execution firms to provide our clients with the right operational and analytical expertise to meet their needs and achieve the desired results.  

Areas of focus include:



Materials Management

Capacity Planning

Enterprise Planning

Lean Manufacturing

Transportation & Logistics

Warehouse Management

Inventory Management

Our proven Methodologies:

Sales Planning:                     Operations Planning:

Decision Making                      Distribution Planning

Project Management               Inventory Management

Analysis Tools                         Forecasting

Simulation Models                   Planning & Scheduling

Six Sigma                                Financial Planning

Quality Performance               Resource Management

Lean Systems (Design)           Measuring Work Standards

Capacity Planning                   Supplier Relationship Mgmt

Theory of Constraints              Supplier Collaboration

Supply Chain Performance     Performance Measures

Supply Chain Integration         Transportation & Logistics