CLH Logistics, LLC
Your Operations and Supply Chain Improvement Partner

Our Approach

Our approach is to assess the current state, recommend improvements and implement changes creating a positive impact through your People, Processes and Technology. 

v  The People Pillar includes areas such as:  Evaluating existing talent and capabilities, developing job descriptions and hiring.  We also conduct training and certification classes to improve the skill set of your existing employee base.

v  The Process Pillar involves everything from evaluating and documenting existing processes to process improvement initiatives to ISO certification, quality program management and Lean six sigma.

v  The Technology Pillar is built around selection, configuration, integration and implementation of technologies related to the specific logistics discipline of concern.  Our approach is minimalist and our goal is to implement the right technology to meet the requirements of our client.  We look for growth and flexibility without implementing behemoth systems far beyond necessary requirements (and budget).  Our first choice is always to ensure that our clients fully and efficiently utilize existing technologies before purchasing a new platform.